Can Dollar General Employees Buy Penny Items

If you work or shop at Dollar General, you might already know about Penny Items, but this is one of the least utilized ways to get a great deal at Dollar General. 

Let’s talk about what Penny Items are, how they work, and whether employees can take advantage of this deal when it happens. We’ll cover everything you need to know about Penny Items, from what items are most common to turn into Penny Items, how they work, and how you can find out what is a current Penny Item. 

Because employees are supposed to pull Penny Item stock off the shelves first, most employees aren’t allowed to take advantage of the discount if they find a penny item. 

However, some locations may bend this rule since the inventory is being cycled, or some employees report telling friends and family about penny items to get around the no-employee purchase rules. 

Even locations that allow penny items can’t give an employee discount on any penny items that employees buy.

What Are Penny Items At Dollar General? 

At almost all dollar stores, including Dollar General, most items are on sale for a single dollar. There are some exceptions, but you can usually count on getting a significant discount from the regular retail price. 

However, because of the nature of dollar stores, they need to cycle through inventory quickly and often end up pulling seasonal and holiday items off the shelves. Even some of their normal inventory might need to get pulled and replaced with something else. 

That need to cycle inventory creates a unique opportunity at Dollar General stores, penny items. 

Penny items should have been pulled off the shelves at your local Dollar General store but weren’t taken off the shelf when they should have. If customers find these items and bring them to the cash register, they can be purchased as Penny Items, but only if they know that the item is a penny item. 

Here’s how it works: 

How Common Are Penny Items At Dollar General? 

Penny Items aren’t super common at Dollar General. Most of the time, the store pulls all the inventory off the shelves. But sometimes, items aren’t where they are supposed to be, or other customers will put them in a random shelf location when they decide to get something else instead. 

Accidentally dropped or relocated items are the most likely to become penny items. However, if the staff is being careful in the store, they’ll find those items when they pull most of the stock off the shelves, which means that penny items are relatively uncommon. 

Every once in a while, a palate or container will be missed, which can mean that there is a lot of penny item in a single store – but that’s very rare. 

How Can You Find Out Which Items Have Become Penny Items

Knowing that something is a penny item is critical to get the discount. If you don’t know that something is considered a penny item, you’ll be charged full price. 

The best way to see the current penny items at Dollar General is to go to their website to see what items are being taken off the shelves. You need to check pretty often to get a good idea of what items are penny items. 

However, many Dollar General Penny Item Facebook groups and other social media postings and websites keep an up-to-date list of Penny Items at Dollar General. Checking these pages regularly can help you know when to check the local Dollar General and see if you can get lucky! 

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