Will Family Dollar Blow Up Balloons

It’s party time! You’ve checked how to find helium to blow them up online and even considered using your non-floating breath to inflate them instead. It doesn’t seem that many stores will inflate your self-bought balloons for you. That got me thinking. I always see that corner in the front of the store in Family Dollar filled with floating Happy Birthday, Get Well Soon, and Happy Anniversary balloons. Maybe THEY can fill my balloons for me! Will Family Dollar blow up my balloons?

Family Dollar will blow up balloons by request.

Nothing is more evident that you ran out of time planning for the Birthday party than nonfloating, rolling around on the floor balloons. But don’t jump in your car and head to Family Dollar quite yet, because there is some fine print information you will want to know. Keep reading tight to ensure you know what to expect before heading to your Family Dollar store.

Will Family Dollar fill balloons that weren’t purchased in their store?

Unfortunately, it seems like most Family Dollar stores will not fill your balloons if they were not purchased in their physical or online stores. I’m sure this mostly has to do with keeping their balloon-blowing corner in business and some sort of liability in a Balloon not lasting potentially.

From my research, I did learn that some Family Dollar stores will stretch this policy. The best way to find out is to call your local Family Dollar and ask them directly. 

How much does it cost for Family Dollar to fill balloons?

Well, they don’t call it Family *DOLLAR* for nothing! I think you are catching my drift here, eh? It indeed costs $1.00 per balloon to fill them with helium. If you purchase a balloon at Family Dollar, they will not charge you another extra dollar to fill it, however.

You can look at their selection of balloons which they generally have displayed on the wall (if it’s not blown up already), take your pick, and purchase the balloon, which that includes their store clerk filling it up with helium for you. 

Will Family Dollar fill any type of balloon?

Family Dollar will always fill the foiled balloons they supply and carry since that is the most favorable type of balloon to fill with helium. When it comes to latex or similar typed material balloons, this is where is a bit of a gray area.

At some Family Dollar stores, this is a big no-no to fill latex balloons, whereas, in others, it is a standard helium-filling practice. Save yourself the heartbreak of your epic vision of birthday decor, and ring your local Family Dollar and ask them before heading there, so you know what to expect.

How long does it take for Family Dollar to fill my balloons?

Each balloon only takes about 15 seconds to fill. Of course, give your Family Dollar store clerk the decency to understand loading the balloon on the tank and then tying it off when it’s full will add a little more time to the filling process. In total, most balloons are going to take around 30 seconds from start to finish to fill.

Can you have them filled ahead of time?

This falls under each Family Dollar store’s policy. This is not a standard across-the-board practice for their balloons corner. In general, you can call your store and request certain balloons to be filled, but they will likely not fill them until they are purchased.

The best way to get balloons filled while continuing to get other things done is to stop into your Family Dollar store location, purchase the balloons you want to be filled, and come back to pick them up when you are finished with the rest of your shopping. Most Family Dollars will not take payment over the phone; therefore, you must get creative to help your schedule.

Let the party hats and balloons commence! I am happy to report that Family Dollar has one of the most affordable options for special occasion helium-filled balloons.

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