Does Family Dollar Take Apple Pay

Family Dollar is a great resource if you’re looking to get things on the cheap or need something but don’t need super high quality or a super specific version of that item. They often have a lot of crafting supplies, food that can be purchased for cheaper than the same food in regular stores, makeup, and whatever else is in plentiful supply at the moment.

And one of the best parts of Family Dollar and other dollar stores is that some of the stock comes from the overstock at other retailers, so it’s the same brands and quality that you would expect from a more expensive store.

But one problem many dollar stores had, until recently, was that dollar stores didn’t necessarily take the full range of payment options that other retailers could.

Family Dollar changed the game a bit, announcing in April 2020 that they are offering contactless payment options at all of their locations, including both tap pay with compatible cards and Google and Apple Pay.

Here’s what you need to know about using these new payment options, how Apple Pay works in stores, and any limitations you need to know about ahead of time.

How To Use Apple Pay At Family Dollar

Before you rush off and plan on using Apple Pay at your local Family Dollar to pay with the app on your phone, some setup is required to get the job done.

The first thing is, if you don’t already have Apple Pay on your phone, you’ll need to download it. Create an account or log in, and then add the card details for the cards you want to use at various retailers. You can add more than one card, but you don’t need to unless you want to choose between different accounts for your transactions.

From there, when you’re ready to check out, simply pull out your phone, open the app, and choose which card or linked account you want to use. Then, when the cashier finishes ringing up your purchases, hold your phone close to the card reader until it makes a small ding. It may take a moment for the transaction to process, and you must keep your phone close to the card reader.

Can You Use An Apple Watch To Pay At Family Dollar?

Yes, Family Dollar’s system is compatible with Apple Watches, and you can pay through the watch directly.

The process is similar, and you still need to set up and register with Apple Pay on another device. To access the app on your watch, simply enter your passcode and then hold the watch up close to the card reader.

Just like when you use Apple Pay on your phone, the computer will ding when the transaction has gone through, and you do need to hold your watch fairly close for the transaction to work.

Are There Limitations For How Much You Can Pay Using Apple Pay At Family Dollar

Family Dollar doesn’t have limits on what you can pay for with Apple Pay, but Apple Pay themselves do have some limitations.

For instance, you can’t charge for transactions less than $1 through Apple Pay. For transactions over $50, you may have to sign, and for transactions over $250, you might have to use a different payment method or go through a secondary approval to get the transaction to go through.

Don’t worry, though, the cashier has probably seen both of those scenarios many times before, so they’ll understand if you need to get a quick signature or approve a transaction on your end.

How Quickly Do Family Dollar Charges Show Up With Apple Pay?

Keeping on top of your banking accounts is an important part of avoiding overdraft fees and ensuring you know how much money you have at any time.

Some charges, like your debit card, are almost instant. But Apple Pay doesn’t process any charges instantly. You should expect a charge from Family Dollar to show up within roughly 1-3 business days, and there may be a longer delay for charges over the weekend or during bank holidays.

That’s true of any charge through Apple Pay. Pretty much all of them have a 1-3 day delay.

There you go! That should be everything you need to know about using Apple Pay at Family Dollar locations!

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