Will FedEx Attempt Redelivery Same Day

You’re out running errands and realize you had a FedEx package coming today. Oh, shoot! You drive home quickly, only to find a “delivery attempted” slip on your door. Will the delivery man turn around? Will FedEx attempt re-delivery on the same day? 

FedEx will attempt re-delivery on a different day. They will, however, attempt to re-deliver the next day to the same address. There are also options available to customers wherein they can pick up their package at a FedEx center if they have missed their initial delivery attempt. 

Keep reading to learn more about FedEx’s delivery practices, how to ensure that you get your package and the special on-hold services that FedEx offers. 

Will FedEx Re-Deliver the Same Day?

FedEx will re-deliver on a different day. If the delivery driver has missed you, and it was required that you sign for a package, a slip will be left on your door informing you of the attempted delivery and containing your package’s tracking number and a number to call to schedule a re-delivery. 

FedEx will then attempt to re-deliver the next day, and after this, the package will head back to the FedEx depot and be returned to the sender. This is why it’s important to ensure that you know when your package might be arriving and arrange for a re-delivery as soon as possible. 

How Can I Schedule a Re-Delivery?

The slip left on your door should include the tracking number of your package and a phone number to call. You can use this number, or FedEx’s website, to re-schedule a day and a time that would work better for you. 

It is helpful to be ready, waiting, and watching at this new scheduled time. If the weather permits, stand outside your home and wait for the package, as many FedEx drivers are incredibly rushed and may only be willing to stay for a short time to see if you’re home. 

How Can I Track My Package?

If you’re wondering where your package is, the simplest solution is to use your item’s tracking number and input it into the FedEx website or app. This will give you a good sense of where the package is and when it may reach you. It is also possible to call FedEx at 1 (800) 463-3339 and input your tracking number manually. 

Items “out for delivery” will likely reach you that very day. Sometimes, an “out for delivery” item may be returned to the depot if the driver becomes confused or lost during his route. However, this will generally not count as an attempted delivery, and the package should be out again for delivery the next day. 

What is Delaying My Package?

Weather, vehicle trouble, a hard-to-read or absent house number, confusing GPS directions, and an inaccurate package address can all be why a package was not delivered to you on time. Your package may have been loaded on a truck, but getting it to the recipient may prove harder.

To help your local delivery man out, make sure your house number is visible from the road, clear away any snow or debris blocking your entryway, keep all dogs inside on the scheduled delivery day, and communicate with the sender to ensure they have your address right. All of these things will make it more likely that your delivery driver succeeds in getting your goods to you on time. 

Request a Hold on a Package

FedEx also allows recipients to request that their package be held at a FedEx location until they can pick it up. This makes it less likely that the package will be returned to the sender and gives you a window to pick it up at your convenience. The package will likely be safer at the depot than on your porch. 

To arrange for FedEx to hold your package, head to the website’s tracking page, enter your tracking number, select “Manage Delivery,” and request “Hold at Location.” This will allow you to come and pick up the package up to 7 days out and at a location and time that works for you.

Make sure to bring your tracking number and a valid photo ID with you when you pick up your package. Moreover, both the reschedule and the depot pick-up services are free. 

Vacation Hold is Another Option

If you need your packages held for an even longer period due to your being out of town, FedEx Delivery Manager services allow you to put delivery on hold for up to 14 days. This is a great option if you’ll be away for a while and need your packages to stay safe from theft, weather, and damage. 

Once the 14 days are up, normal service procedures will be resumed, and your package will be out for delivery in a truck as usual. 


While FedEx does not attempt re-delivery on the same day, they will attempt re-delivery the next day. Options also exist to hold a package safely at a FedEx depot for personalized pick-up, and you can schedule a new home delivery time online with your tracking number. 

Vacation services also exist, keeping your package on hold for up to 14 days while you’re out of town. 

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