Do Dollar General Employees Get A Discount

Most places of employment offer benefits to sweeten the deal for employees. This is often in the form of a percentage-based employee discount. These discounts can be very useful, especially in places with expensive merchandise, but cheaper merchandise shouldn’t necessarily be exempt from discounts either. Do Dollar General employees get a discount?

Dollar General employees get discounts in the form of employee-exclusive coupons through the app, which are generally 20% off private-label products. These coupons can vary and do have their own set of restrictions, so it doesn’t necessarily fall under what is traditionally recognized as an employee discount.

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What types of discounts do Dollar General employees get?

According to current Dollar General employees, the discount situation is a bit unclear and seems subject to changes, though there is officially no technical employee discount. Dollar General employees can utilize coupons given specifically to the workers through the Dollar General App, though they seem to change frequently and may vary based on the store regions. Here’s what we found out about the discount:

  • Occasional percentage-based coupons offered through the app must be clipped and redeemed before expiration.
  • A quarterly 30% employee coupon (again, it must be redeemed through the app) that can be applied to the entire purchase, though this coupon has an expiration date.
  • 50% off clearance and seasonal merchandise daily

Unfortunately, these discounts and coupons seem to vary widely from location to location, so there could be some influence on the frequency coupons are given depending on the store region or even management. Additionally, some employees shared issues receiving the employee-only coupons. Some say it is not loaded properly onto their app, leading them to be unable to utilize these coupons.

The consensus amongst employees indicates while there are occasional coupons given (some with heavier restrictions than others), there is no guaranteed employee discount that can be discounted through the point-of-sale system and is only available through the store’s app.

Are there restrictions on the Dollar General discounts for employees?

Dollar General employee coupons do seem to have some restrictions in place, much to the chagrin of many employees. Here are some restrictions you may find on the employee coupons:

  • Employee-only coupons expire
  • Coupons or “discount” may only be used once a week and is typically 20% off private-label items only.
  • Coupons are restricted to the Dollar General app, so if you don’t have a smartphone or any way to utilize the app, you won’t have access to the coupons.

These restrictions may in themselves may render the coupon useless to the employee if they’re not interested in getting Dollar General labeled products or if they’re unable to use the coupons before the expiration date.

This discount/coupon structure seems to have had an ebb and flow to it for the past few years. However, it appears the discounts offered have always been in the form of a coupon available to employees only rather than a set percentage-based discount available for use on any purchase.

Final Thoughts

Dollar General’s low prices may be why the company feels there’s no need to have a standard employee discount and instead aims to reward its employees with coupons throughout the year.

The variances found between how frequently these occur and in what percentage are not negligible, leading to the assumption Dollar General employees do not receive any discount on the merchandise on a regular basis that would be considered an “employee discount.”

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